Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ugly Troof Volume 9

The Ugly Troof Volume 8: Mustaches on Indian men. No. don't do it. Let's be honest. Every time you see a mustache on an Indian guy (dot not feather) he's a fob ("fresh of the boat" for you gringos). I'm not just pulling this out of my ass guys. I actually had the nerve to go up to an indian programmer once and just be frank.

Me: "so... how long have you had the mustache".
Indian Programmer (IP) in a strong hyderabad accent: "I've had it for 3 years".
Me: "So why did you decide to grow a mustache"
IP: "I thought it would make me look cool".
Me: "So do you think you look cool with the mustache?
IP: "Yes, I think it makes me look cool"
Me: "So...... um... you like that mustache, eh?"
IP: "Yes, I like it".
Me: "I see.... "

I mean, this guy, let's just call him Ravi... oops, that was his real name. now you know and i'm too lazy to press back space.... anyway, this guy Ravi thought it looked cool! But man Ravi! That think does not look cool! it's a chick repellent Ravi. It's as much a repellent as the Indian fobs who use powder instead of deodorant (if not more!). come on. you Desis know exactly what I'm talkin' bout! So here's a tip to the Indian fobs out there. Kill the 'stache man! Kill it, burn it! call down a curse from the Indian elephant multi armed god guy... or whatever. but the 'stache must go! This is not a Bollywood movie from the 80s where every action hero worth his salt has a mustache! It's America. Okay, bring your wealth of Tech knowledge over here. start a business. grow the economy. but please. please... leave the mustache back in the old country... =)

I mean, is it any wonder that when you type in "Indian FOB" (Fresh Off the Boat - just arrived from the old country)  into google, you get a picture of this fine fellow:

heh heh.

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