Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Federal Government FAIL!

The Federal Government creates ANOTHER disaster!

The stupid government tells its employees and consultants they can leave 2 hours early.  So as to avoid an EPIC SNOW STORM. So everyone piles on the freeway at 3:00 PM and earlier.  The problem?  THE STORM HITS IN THE MIDDLE OF RUSH HOUR!!!!

The Federal Government yet again miscalculates.  I know exactly what they were thinking. They were thinking that if the storm comes at 4, then we should let people leave at 3.  Well the problem with that is, if you let people leave at 3, YOU SHOULD EXPECT AT LEAST 3 HOURS OF TRAFFIC! normal rush hour in DC is from about 4 to 7.  So you should estimate that traffic will die down at around 6!

But NOOOOO.  As the first wave of the traffic gets mired in snow, each subsequent wave is further compacted by the stopped cars from the previous wave!

If you know the storm of the century is coming that day, have people stay FREAKIN HOME!!!!  If they forecasters say that the snow will start in the late afternoon (4 to 5), then FREAKIN LET PEOPLE OUT BY 1!!!!

Stupid bunch of freakin morons!  No wonder this country is 14 Trillion in the whole!

Luckily The Ugly Troof drives a german car with excellent electronic stability programming... which kept his car going while the other cars on the road were pulled off to the side - unable to move in the snow, spun out, or crashed in to various things.

I didn't take the pick below, but this gives you an idea of the shiz i saw driving home.  except the roads were utterly clogged with cars in reality while the picture shows just a few cars.


  1. Just outside my apartment it looks like that around Freddie Mac/Harris Teeter as well as PWC/DELOITTE/KPMG and Tysons II. Idiots man, fucking idiot government officials with their head up their asses doing nothing useful in the world...I'm so pissed off (not because I'm stuck in traffic but G is somewhere in the midst of all this crap and her phone died) Hope she's ok, I took a screen shot of the traffic around DMV area, everything in the red. How do I post photos in the comments? Anyway, seriously this needs to be can such monkeys make decisions that we gotta abide by :(

  2. unfortunately, i don't think you can =(. i think you'll have to post it on FB. I hope G is okay! I would be worried if I was in your shoes too!

  3. my mom was another poor victim who was on the road for 3 hours. ugh the government should have just let people work from home today or as you mentioned head out by 1.