Monday, January 24, 2011

Federal Workers: The Larval Stage

Okay, so we've seen them milling around by the mall, shuffling through the comic books at the local used book store.  They are geeks.  Poorly dressed, overweight, not too bright, socially awkward... need I say more?  no?... wrong!  YES!
The most important categorization of these poor souls is not "geek". Nay... it is far more sinister! For though they are awkward students, today... tomorrow, they will become FEDERAL EMPLOYEES!

They are not just merely geeks.  Their true identity is that of a Larval Federal Employees!  Yes, these social outcasts are merely the young of the breed.  nourished and groomed by their federal employee parents to become the next generation of federal employees! Feast your eyes, on these specimens my friends...  the Troof shall set you free!

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