Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ugly Troof Volume 6 (Comb-over Edition)

 Bald men with comb overs need to realize that they are not hiding their baldness. They are advertising it. I mean, if you're growing out your side burns so long that you can comb them back over your head, there is something seriously wrong!

one wing come over

chinese "just about to puke" comb over

cold weather gear comb over

back facing comb over

sporty comb over

70s comb over

gansta comb over (and free underbite at no extra charge!)

Colin Farrell comb over

Sci-Fi comb over

Cartoon Comb over

"Prime example" comb over

Front facing combover

Political comb over
Beauty and the Comb Over


BAD ASS Anti comb over space captain!

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