Monday, January 24, 2011

I HATE the Soul Patch Goatee Guy

Geico has the Gecko... a likable cute green guy... nice working class accent.  brilliant advertising. on the other hand has this smug red headed geeky claymation guy with a SOUL PATCH!  I FREAKIN WANT TO RIP OUT MY EYES every time I see that stinkin commercial!!!

I hate the way his eyes look when he's acting smug.  partially closed eyes, ugly carrot colored soul patch... and that ANNOYING TONE!  you know what I mean.  when people nowadays say... something like...

"Golden"  with this drawn out accent on the first syllable and an intonation that goes up towards the end.  For instance.  "if you make it past this next step you're..(pause) gOLdennnn"  I freakin hate that!  I hate this guy more than Flo from the progressive commercials!!!

And why the hell is his hair curly?  and why does he have freakin long side burns?  It's like thinks they are being "hip" or "current" by using this guy as their spokesclown.

Let's find this ridiculous claymation guy and chop his little soul patch off and glue it to his ass crack!  AHHH.
Who else hates this guy too?  If you hate this soul patch guy, leave a comment. =)  heh heh.

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