Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Fashion Show FAIL!!!!

The Ugly Troof is not gay.  But, The Ugly Troof is a friend to fashionistas everywhere. The Ugly Troof's other half (Mrs. The Ugly Troof) has been watching "The Fashion Show" lately, so The Ugly Troof has been semi watching as well. Yesterday was the finale.  The Finale was a FAIL.  why you ask?

Because this man:
Calvin Tran LOST!

And this man:
Jeffrey Dahmer... er I mean, Jeffrey Williams WON!

Well, what's wrong with that you ask!  Well here's what's wrong with that!

Calvin is an A-hole.  everyone knows that.  BUT he's a talented A-hole who makes high end looking clothes. They all have a style that is apparent in all his pieces.  His wacked out vietnamese accent and his confrontational personality was the only reason this show was even a little entertaining!

Jeffrey on the other hand makes hit or miss fashions.  his pieces are sometimes FAB and sometimes meh.  they don't seem to have a uniform theme!  He's a nice guy.  who can dislike that right?  Well, yesterday he went with the same old sob-story spiel that we've seen dozens of times on 3 dozen other reality shows.  waahhhh!  so sad... so sorrry...  He designed his piece for his dead mom.  ohhhh.  how sweet!  sure, but was it fabulous enough to beat Calvin's consistently armani and versace looking clothes?  I don't think so.  I mean, Calvins stuff could be on store shelves in high end stores today and sell like hotcakes.  Jeff's?  I don't think so.  

And my other big gripe was the freakin Judges.  the guest judge was Mary J Blidge.  WTF?  Is she supposed to be some fashion icon?  no.  she's just a singer from Yonkers, NY!  I mean... she's an AWESOME singer, but she's not a fashion expert.  

Mary went goo goo ga ga over one of Jeff's pieces.  and I think that's why he won (speculation, but who knows right?).  but why should her input have any weight at all?  She's a singer.

FAIL.  If I had to ask one of these designers to make me a killer outfit, it would be Calvin, not this Jeff guy.

Also, Calvin makes his stuff fast.  he already knows what to do.  he has fashion wired into his mind.  Jeff on the other hand has this tortured road to produce anything.  Just not as fast thinking or as innately creative as Calvin.

Anyway.  there you go.  the Fashion Show.  Disappointed!

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  1. now I want to see this show only because you told me they have to put subtitles for Calvin, haha.