Monday, January 24, 2011

Building a Tandoori Oven at Home? My Idea and Suggestions Anyone?

So I had this crazy Idea for making your own tandoori oven.

I saw someone had made a tandoori oven out of a garbage can and a flower pot.  which is all great.  but he cut stuff up, added pipes and did all sort of stuff that would be way too hard for the average joe! My Idea?  get a metal garbage, probably one that is pretty small.  perhaps like this:

add some dirt and top the dirt with some bricks to make the bottom flat.
put in a ceramic flower pot like this one:
Now take a metal lid from a household pot, and put it on the flower pot (or you can use any lid that won't melt and will retain heat).

Next, start up some coals.  When they are pretty hot, poor the coals in the garbage so that the pot is surrounded by hot coals.  make sure to take some tongs and push the coals off the lid. once the sides of the oven are pretty hot, take your bread dough and smack it on the inside wall of your tandoori oven, close the flower pot lid and partially close the garbage can lid, you don't want to close it all the way, as you want the smoke to escape and let it cook.

Presto!  there you have it!

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