Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Ugly Troof LOVES K-POP (Korean Pop)

The Ugly Troof LOVES K-pop.  Korean music is the shiznitz of all Asian musak!

Found this trolling on Perez.  Hey, don't hate, he has some good kpop on there sometimes, so I sign on to search it out from time to time.  I already know most of the stuff he posts, but I wasn't familiar with this one... although I may have seen it in passing:

All I gotta say is that Korean chicks are the hottest on the planet.  This chick is smokin' hot!  check it:
Let me know what you think.  I got tons o kpop I can post


  1. Where's the "eh...i've seen better" button on blogger ;) hahaha

  2. Hmmm. I haven't seen one. perhaps I can have a link to pakistani pop instead. =)

  3. LOL, dude pakistani pop absolutely sucks =P just bob your head and shoulders, and of course don't forget the mustache. Let me send you some indian pop that is just as funny.


    I laughed pretty hard when I saw this :D