Friday, February 4, 2011

VW PASSAT Joins the Dark Side of the Force!

You may not know that the Ugly Troof was a VW Fan Boy until this year, when VW defiled themselves by releasing the 2011 Jetta and a 2011 Passat that is as ugly as a FAT DC Chick wearing stretch pants and a tank top. 

However,  they have redeemed themselves slightly with this SUPER RAD commercial featuring Darth "Mini Me" Vader and the FORCE!

Check It!

This commercial is the best commercial I've seen so far this year.  Striking a chord with Vader fans all over the world.  However,  it makes ad mistake numero uno.  It fails to convey any message as to why the new Passat would be a good purchase compared to any other automobile... and THAT my friends, is the UGLY TROOF.

They must have had an Ad budget the size of Texas to pull this one off.  I hope they are able to sell cars as a result of this, but I do not think it will translate into sales.

VW's Passat was the near luxy sedan that stood above the camry/accord, but below the luxury name plates with regard to prestige, but they decided to lower themselves in order to take market share from camry and accord.  This will alienate a majority of repeat VW buyers and will not motivate Honda/Toyota buyers to buy a VW.  

VW has completely misread why people bought VWs.  SEE, people bought VWs because of how the car drove.  It was all about the feel of driving.  Sure they were more expensive to maintain and weren't as reliable, but the buyers sought something only VW could offer.... a car for drivers.

People by Toyotas and Hondas for a totally different reason.  These people don't care about tight euro-handling. they care about reliable point a to b transportation.  These people will repeatedly buy these honda/toyota products because of this.  If VW thinks it can succeed in the "vanilla car" market, they are gravely mistaken.  No Honda or Toyota driver will give up their ugly but reliable box to drive an equally ugly and less reliable box.  VW has messed with their forumula.  "Their faith in this new market will be their own undoing!" (said with emperor's voice).

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