Thursday, February 10, 2011

Government Toilets: Back for seconds

Okay.  The Ugly Troof witnessed another one of those WTF? moments today.  This time it happened in a government agency bafroom.  Why the heck are government folks such utter... TOOLS!

So here's the rundown.

The Ugly Troof is in the bafroom taking care of bidness, when he notices a guy walk into a stall.  The "visitor" makes the obvious noises of doing a number 2... "ppppbbrrbbbttttwwwwsss"  and so on.  So the guy walks out of the stall... and then...

well, you'd think he'd leave after washing his hands...

This guy goes straight to a urinal and does a number 1. WHAT?  WHA?? What Va Farge?

Yo guy... why the F do you have to go to the urinal?  i mean, you were just sitting on the toilet.  I mean... wouldn't you... couldn't you have just taken a wizz while.... i mean, don't most people kill two birds with one stone when they are on the toilet?

Can you even imagine something so absurd going on outside the US Government?

I mean, dude, never mind that your double trouble method is utterly inefficient... It's just freakin weird!
I guess being inefficient has even crept down to the basest functions of the average government monkey.

God help us...


  1. HAHAHAHA omg i died laughing just now hahaha, that is the most absurd thing I heard today. I don't even get it....need to create a process flow diagram for government works and the bathroom. Maybe there'll be an RFP on it in the future

  2. You can count on the Ugly Troof to bring you the latest government absurdities as they happen!

  3. Maybe some old guy with prostrate issues

  4. hey chris. ha ha. what you up to man?

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